in this new post you will find all Xtream UI Release Starting From R13 to R17 With the full update log

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Xtream UI R13 Release :

Hi everybody! True to my word, another release today. Changelog: Mass edit for movies added. Mass edit modifications, multi select by dragging over area and filters. Select all box. Much faster stream loading on mass edit due to server side processing. Fixed restart streams on edit. Was only restarting 1. Hardlinks for images now work on MAG boxes etc. Convert Trial to Official. Fixed MAG / Enigma editing. Credits transfer back to owner when deleting registered user. Moved TMDb search box to below movie name box. Added version number back to footer. I know there are still plenty of bugs that need to be fixed, I plan on sorting this out once I finish mass import on movies in R14. Then I’ll move on to series etc.

Xtream UI R14 Release :

Changelog: Mass edit for users added. More mass edit modifications, further refinements and checks. Added status to Mass Edit Movies. Mass delete for Movies, Streams and Users. Find it in the Settings cog in the top right. Refined menu system a little. Added bouquets back to main menu. Added credit logs. Added stream logs. Added reseller logs. Added client logs. Fixed mass stream and movie restart properly this time. Plenty of little bug fixes and tweaks. It’s quite late here, so I’ll be honest and say I haven’t fully tested the mass edit users and ensured that the mass delete is fully functioning, but it should work. Beta’s are fun right?

Xtream UI R15 Release :

Another small release as I’ve been busy with real life stuff! Changelog: Bouquet re-order page has been remade, now allows multiple select and easier movement. Had many requests… Movie encoding errors are now displayed when editing a movie with a red triangle. Added stream source and player to stream edit page. Added player to movie page. Added save states to tables, will return to the correct page after navigating back. Fixed subtitle issue. Fixed proxy in streams. More mass edit refinements

Xtream UI R16 Release :

Hi all, only one addition today. Fingerprint system. Next release will focus on bug fixes and small changes as I haven’t had time to do this as I’m constantly integrating new features. So R17 is definitely a big bug fix release and I’ll be scouring the forum for bugs to fix. In all honesty, only about ~25% of bug posts are legible enough or have enough information for me to be able to narrow down the issue and fix it, so I’ll do my best. Please try to give as much information as possible when posting bugs.*

Xtream UI R17 Release :

Release soon !

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